Crooked teeth can be corrected through the use of braces (orthodontics) or porcelain veneers and crowns (prosthodontics). Generally, braces are the norm for younger patients, and take 2 years to complete. The trend is to use less visible braces such as those made of ceramics or a removable mouth aligner, “Invisalign”. However braces cannot correct tooth shape, size, colour or proportion.

Veneers and crowns are especially suitable in older patients and if teeth are chipped or discoloured. With veneers and crowns, gaps and spaces can also be closed and a near perfect makeover achieved within 3 days. However, it does involve trimming teeth which can lead to post-treatment sensitivity. This usually goes away in days but in 6-9% of crowns, the sensitivity remain and may require further treatment.

Crowns can also be used to change the facial profile and proportion as the thickness and position of teeth affect lip posture and facial height. Braces, veneers and crowns can thus be used separately or in combination to achieve the desired final cosmetic result.

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