Implants are often used to replace fractured or extracted teeth and in general it takes three months for the bone to grow around the implant in order to anchor it firmly in the jaw. During this waiting period, temporary bridges or dentures are used.

With the advent of medical science and technology, it is possible to reduce this waiting period. Implants can be placed immediately into extraction sites for patients with missing front teeth though it is not always possible for back teeth. If the implant lies firmly within bone, it is possible to even allow partial loading immediately after the surgery.

In combination, with the latest computer assisted techniques, it is possible to deliver aesthetic looking temporary teeth in selected cases within 3 hours after the surgery. The patients are however advised to avoid chewing on the implant, especially in the initial weeks after the initial surgery when the original bone anchoring the implant would have been resorbed with the new bone yet to form.

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Fractured tooth can be extracted and replaced by an implant and a temporary tooth
delivered on the same day.