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aesthetic & implant dentistry at Precious Medical Centre



Make your Smile Beautiful

Find a solution with our Dental Implant
  • Consult with our Clinic Director Dr William Chong

  • Experience a lasting smile

Why do I need Dental Implant?

To replace teeth lost as the result of:

  • tooth decay

  • gum disease

  • fractures 

When removable dentures are:

  • loose  & uncomfortable

  • insufficiently supported ​

When fixed bridge replacements are not possible as:

  • too many teeth are missing

  • the teeth next to the gap are too weak or small

  • when you prefer not to trim good teeth

Types of Dental Implant

Dental Implants have been widely use for more than 40 years since the original scientific research began in the 1960's in Sweden and Switzerland. While many implant systems are now available in the market and are generally of high quality, our clinic prefers using implants from Nobelbiocare, Sweden and Straumann, Switzerland. ​


While some patients may choose to replace every missing tooth individually, implants are very strong and 6-8 implants in each jaw may be sufficient to carry the load of the removable denture or fixed bridge, even when all your teeth have been lost. Your improved appearance and the ability to once again chew your food well will help you regain confidence and resume an active social life.

Do you have any question?


+65 9799 3133 or 

+65 9797 3133

Benefits of Dental Implant 
  • Provides a permanent replacement for missing teeth

  • Has predictable and good long-term success rate

  • Prevents supporting bone from shrinking after teeth are lost

  • Does not decay as it is made from Titanium (a strong metal)

  • Helps you eat well for better nutrition

  • Restores appearance, confidence and self-esteem

  • Support your lips and cheeks better for younger look

Are you suitable for Implants

Implants can be placed in most patients from age 18-80, though if you have an underlying medical condition, you should inform your dentist so that additional precautions can be taken, if required. ​


Even if you have lost your teeth for many years, we are now able to regenerate bone in order to place implants as a foundation for your denture or bridge.

About our Centre

We offer a range of dental services from general and cosmetic dentistry to dental implants, oral surgery and bone regeneration. We provide implant placement, smile makeovers using 3D computer assisted technology and pain-free dentistry under intravenous sedation. We have in-house dental specialists for the management of severe gum disease, wisdom teeth and root canal problems.

Our Integrated Medical Centre

Precious Medical Centre's holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare has been very well accepted by our patients. We are honoured to be the proud recipient of the  Integrated Healthcare Clinic of the Year 2019 by Global Health And Travel. The award citation "recognised companies in a variety of regional and global markets that have maintained consistently high standards in delivering quality care and pushed the boundaries of delighting their customers at every stage and in every interaction".

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