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Make your Smile Beautiful

Find a solution with our Laser Teeth Whitening
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Why do I need Teeth Whitening?

Our teeth get discoloured over time as we grow older especially if we love to drink coffee, tea and red wine. We can however reverse this by applying a special gel to our teeth and leaving it to bleach or whiten over time. This can be done at home by placing the gel in a custom-made mouthguard and leaving it to whiten after a few days.


Alternatively, it can be done in the clinic using a laser or blue LED light or laser over one or two sessions, each lasting an hour or less. Laser teeth whitening, which is available at our clinic, takes the least time to achieve a satisfactory result.

Why Laser Teeth Whitening? 

Laser teeth whitening uses a special amplified light which can quicken the speed at which your teeth can be whitened, when compared to chair-side whitening using ordinary LED blue light. Both these methods are more effective and less time-consuming than using a home kit.  


The surrounding gums are first covered and a concentrated bleaching gel applied to teeth that are to be whitened. The light or laser is then applied for around an hour to achieve the desired new shade. Laser teeth whitening is thus the most effective of the 3 methods available.

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What to expect

During Treatment

In general it is painless. However some patients may feel some sensitivity or a tingling sensation, in which case the treatment can be divided over two visits.

After Treatment

Foods to Avoid: Coloured foods and sauces - beetroot or curries Drinks which stain teeth - coffee, tea and red wine

About our Centre

We offer a range of dental services from general and cosmetic dentistry to dental implants, oral surgery and bone regeneration. We provide implant placement, smile makeovers using 3D computer assisted technology and pain-free dentistry under intravenous sedation. We have in-house dental specialists for the management of severe gum disease, wisdom teeth and root canal problems.

Our Integrated Medical Centre

Precious Medical Centre's holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare has been very well accepted by our patients. We are honoured to be the proud recipient of the  Integrated Healthcare Clinic of the Year 2019 by Global Health And Travel. The award citation "recognised companies in a variety of regional and global markets that have maintained consistently high standards in delivering quality care and pushed the boundaries of delighting their customers at every stage and in every interaction".

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