Fillings are materials used to replace parts of decayed or broken teeth. They were traditionally made of metal but today, tooth coloured fillings using high quality composites are preferred. If the damage to the tooth is significant, there is an added need to protect the weakened tooth and a crown may be required.

Crowns are pieces of porcelain made to cover the remaining tooth structure and replace the portion of the tooth that was damaged. The teeth are first trimmed slightly & a mould made. The work is then continued in a laboratory where the restoration is made before cementing it to the tooth. Temporary plastic teeth are given in the interim period health.

If the damage to the tooth is extensive, requiring extraction, an artificial tooth is required. Bridges are artificial tooth replacements which can be fixed to the adjacent teeth to replace missing or extracted teeth and are in general preferred to removable dentures.

Conventional crowns and bridges are built on a metal base using porcelain powder and fused together in a furnace at high temperatures, a process which takes several days. New generation all-porcelain crowns and bridges are designed and manufactured using a computer (“CADCAM”). This results in a more accurate and better fit.

Using the latest computer technology and strong in-house laboratory support, we can now produce custom designed porcelain teeth in a range of shades to match your natural skin tone within 3 hours and a complete makeover within 2 days.


computer generated crowns step-by-step