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Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile is the first thing you see when you meet a person. In this day and age, how we look is important for our social life and confidence. It is not merely about vanity, but it also affects our personal and professional aspirations and relationships. The shape and proportion of our face is affected by the position of our teeth which provide support for our lips and cheek. In addition, correct alignment, angulation, shape, size, proportion and colour of our teeth provide the balance and harmony which is the essence of facial aesthetics.


We can straighten our teeth through the use of braces or clear aligners and whiten our teeth through the use of various bleaching agents. If our teeth are decayed, badly discoloured, or if a faster solution is required, we can consider the use of veneers and crowns to attain a more ideal result, especially if our expectations are high. In addition, care must be paid to the health, level and symmetry of our gums. Whether you wish to whiten your teeth, change their shape, size or alignment, re-sculpt your gums or adjust the bite, we are committed to helping you gain the look you wish for.


Teeth Whitening

Our teeth get discoloured over time especially if we consume coffee, tea and red wine. We can reverse this by applying a special gel to our teeth and leaving it to bleach or whiten over time. This can be done at home using a custom-made mouthguard. The effects are usually seen after 2 weeks. Alternatively, it can be done in the clinic using a laser or blue LED light or laser over one or two sessions, each lasting an hour or less. Laser teeth whitening takes the least time to achieve a satisfactory result.  If the stains are very deep or dark, porcelain or zirconia veneers or crowns may be required.

Porcelain fillings.jpg

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain fillings are made from strong and natural looking ceramic material which are long-lasting and biocompatible. In combination with accurate scanning and computer processing technology, it can be made within hours, provide a better fit and require the dentist to trim less of the remaining tooth structure when compared to conventional crowns. It can also be made to match the colour of the surrounding teeth. The use of new generation cements which are adhesive and radiopaque allow better bond with the remaining tooth and allow dentists to check the fit and seal of the crown.



Veneers are thin tooth-coloured shells which are custom made to fit over the front surface of a tooth to improve the shape, size, colour or  alignment of the underlying tooth. They can be made of a variety of materials such as composite, porcelain or zirconia. While they are done mainly to improve aesthetics, they can also be used to repair front teeth which have fractured or have large fillings. Veneers are also preferred by many when compared to crowns as much less of the tooth is trimmed resulting in less sensitivity.


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are customised shells made from various dental materials to fit over cracked or broken teeth in order to rebuild them to its original form.  In the past, metal or gold was often used but in today's age of social media, tooth-coloured materials such as porcelain or zirconia which are strong, yet aesthetic is the popular choice. They are also known as “caps” and besides protecting teeth that are weak, can also be used to change the shape, size and colour of teeth for cosmetic dental purposes.


Clear Aligners & Braces

Clear aligners is a method of straightening crooked teeth without using traditional braces. It utilises custom made sheets of thin plastic which fit over the teeth like a mouthguard rather than metal brackets and wires to apply a controlled force on teeth which are out of position to push them back into proper alignment slowly over time.  Each aligner is made to move the teeth incrementally back into position and is worn for about 2 weeks before changing to subsequent aligners until the teeth reach their planned final position. Of the many types available in the market, the best known is Invisalign

Reshaping teeth.jpg

Teeth & Gum Reshaping

In addition to a well aligned set of teeth, the shape, size and proportion of teeth as well as gum contours and symmetry also contribute to a pleasing smile. The size of our natural teeth may sometimes be either too large or too small, and the shape may appear too bulky, or conversely too sharp. In addition, excessive gums may also show when we smile and if the gums which show are at a similar level

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