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Our Facility

In-house 3D CADCAM Dental Lab

Using up-to-date digital technology, including accurate scans and precision engineering, our in-house 3D CADCAM dental lab and technicians are able to design and manufacture full porcelain fillings, veneers and crowns within hours and a customized smile makeover within days.


Modern tooth-coloured materials such as multi-layer Zirconia and e.max porcelain are strong, natural-looking and suitable for individual tooth replacement on titanium dental implants, or as part of a bridge used to replace missing teeth. 

General Anaesthetic Operating Theatre

We are accredited for chairside intra-venous sedation which are administered by a team of specialist medical anaesthetists.  This helps to relieve the fear and anxiety which many patients have for dental treatment and aids significantly in managing pain.


We also have our own on-site general anaesthetic dental operating theatre which allows treatment to be performed on anxious children and either phobic or medically compromised adults in a sterile, safe and comfortable environment. 

Panoramic X-Ray &
3D Cone beam CT Scanner

In order to better identify problems and plan holistically, X-rays are  recommended before commencing treatment as it allows the dentist to visualise the underlying structure of teeth within the jawbone which is not visible to the naked eye. 

A panoramic x-ray is an important diagnostic tool which gives a better perspective of your dentition and its bony support within the jaw as well as any abnormalities such as buried teeth, cysts and tumours. In addition, we also have a Cone-beam digital scanner (CBCT) which provides 3-dimensional images but using far less radiation than conventional CT scans. These images are instantaneously transmitted to your dental records for analysis, diagnosis and planning before commencing treatment.

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