A smile is the first thing you see when you meet  a person.  In this day & age, how we look is very important for our social life, confidence and psychological well-being.


It is not about mere vanity as it also affects our personal and professional relationships.


Improving people's lives... one smile at a time.

Let us suggest a solution for your dental problems.


Cosmetic Dentistry

General Dentistry



The Winning Look

A gorgeous smile leaves a lasting impact on people around us. It is how we express our emotions and how others see us. You can have that winning smile by harnessing the many advances in the field of implant and cosmetic dentistry.

The shape and proportion of our face is affected by the position of our teeth which provide support for our lips and cheek. In addition, correct alignment, angulation, shape, size and colour of our teeth provide the symmetry and balance which is the essence of facial aesthetics.

Our Facilities

In-house Dental Laboratory

Our in-house lab is able to produce porcelain fillings, veneers and crowns within hours and a customized smile makeover in only a few days.


General Anaesthetic Operating Theatre

Our general anaesthetic operating theatre for dentistry allows us to perform a range of treatments for children and medically compromised adults.


General Dentistry

  • Scaling & Polishing

  • Fillings & Tooth Sealants

  • Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • Root Canal Treatment

  • Preventive Flouride Treatment

  • Mouth Guards

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Invisalign® Braces

  • Veneers, Crowns & Bridges

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Titanium Dental Implants

  • Bone Grafting & Regeneration 

  • Same Day Teeth Replacement

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